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Hey all,

I'm making a film called 9-90. It's film made completely of films between 9 and 90 seconds. Join the myspace or the facebook (or both) for more information. Looking for YOUR 9 to 90 seconds.


uglybearproductions at gmail.com
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Reports of my death........

Hello everyone. I know most of you have no clue who I am. I am the guy who started this group many years ago. It, in it's self was a bit of an art project. I wanted to create an art community that would live and thrive on it's own without having to have a watcher.
I am glad to see that "For_art_sake" is still alive and kicking. Thank you all for all the fantastic art (in all it's forms) that I have seen here. I will be trying to be a bit more active on here.

Thanks for the time.
Cliff (Guyver) Robinson.

Here is a recent work of mine to add to the beauty I have seen here.
Beauty and the Beast
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Hey all!  Come and check out my unique LJ.  What's so unique about it?  It's all completly fictional!  The LJ is told from the point of view of 4 main characters who take turns writing in the journal.  Go to my user info page (tkrd) for more info!  </span>



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Different Kind of LJ

Hi all.  I'm slightly new to LJ and want to tell you about my own LJ...it's a little different than your adverage LJ 'cause mine is all fiction.  What I mean is I'm telling a story in blog form.  It's really kinda neat...you should check it out.  Here's the link: tkrd  

BTW if you add me I'll add you back ;O)


PS: This isn't a community :O)

PPS: If this post isn't allowed sorry, and just delte it :O/

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Hello! Saria here! I love to do a munch of creative stuff. Music, writing and paper mache especially. Gods, I haven't done paper mache in forever! I have some masks I'll try to get pictures of. In the meantime, you can read my creative writings on my story journal, sarias_stories, and here are some pictures of my halloween pumpkin from last year.

I hope to enjoy my stay here and see lots of nice artwork!
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Hello everyone, I found this community by accident a few days ago and decided to join. I also decided to post part of this story I am working on, actually in the middle of re-writing it. I hope someone here will read it and give me any type of feedback on it that would be amazing and make my little heart leap with joy. So hello and thanks in advance.

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